Perfume Longevity

Perfume Longevity

In 8to8 we make sure all our perfume has the upmost performance in longevity and sillage. But however, there’s also some scientific explanation if you may not smells your perfume or it does not project as you wish or had before ! 😉

1) Like all our senses, the sense of smell has a memory. When we get used to a certain perfume, our brain will automatically ‘mute’ it. You’ve probably experienced this situation before: you enter a home and immediately smell the dish that’s being prepared in the kitchen. If you ask the cook, she will probably not be aware of this smell, It’s the same with perfume. It is recommended for you to change your perfume regularly.

2) A perfume will smell different on your clothes than on your skin. Everyone has a specific odour, depending on their lifestyle, eating pattern, skin type, etc. If you apply a perfume on your skin, it will mingle with your own body odour, creating a unique scent (That’s also the reason why one perfume can smell wonderful on one person and terrible on someone else). If you spray perfume on your clothes, this chemistry doesn’t happen. It will just smell like the perfume in the bottle. Perfume will stay longer on your clothes than on your skin.

3) When perfume lands on dry skin, it will evaporate quickly. The best way to do that is to apply some unscented body lotion or moisturizer then spritz perfume at your pulse point before you putting your clothes and add another layer of perfume at your clothes. This will giving you best longevity and sillage projection.

To be honest, even if you apply all these tips, you can't expect every perfume, to last a whole day on skin or clothing in whatever environment you went through. Particularly fresher perfumes, with citrusy or green notes, will probably not last all day, due to their lighter composition and mostly warm perfume stay the longest than the rest.

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