4 Fragrances That'll Instantly Boost Your Mood

4 Fragrances That'll Instantly Boost Your Mood

Perfume is an emotional thing. When we think back to all of the significant events in our lives, we know they're coated in a cloud of scent that make us happy, calm, joyful and confident - reminiscent of the fragrances we wore.

Here are 4 mood - boosting perfumes by 8to8 :-

1. Freya By 8to8 Signature ( fresh & soothing )

Combination between water notes, orange, berry, magnolia and musk.

2. Coco Mademoiselle ( warm & calm )

Combination between orange, bergamot, rose, ylang-ylang and vanilla.

3. Wood Sage & Sea Salt ( natural & relax )

Combination between sage, sea salt, grapefruit, seaweed & ambrette

4. English Pear & Freesia ( sweet & soothing )

Combination between pear, melon, freesia, rose & patchouli.


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